Wellbeing Day Wellbeing Day

Wellbeing Day on Monday 2 October 2023

Taking care of our people – by giving them time for themselves. 

Our people work hard to make SEA the industry leader we are. By us recognising and appreciating the creativity, passion and ambition they bring to the table every day, they’re able to continue to deliver excellence and do what we do best: Keeping our customers safe. 

That’s why we introduced our SEA Wellbeing Day last year, and we’re doing it again today, 2 October 2023. It’s a day for our people, to spend on themselves, their hobbies, or with their families.  

On 2 October our people won’t be available, because they might be at an amusement park with their family, having a long weekend away, celebrating their achievements, having a spa day, going to a retreat, practicing their passion, or on the sofa reading a book. Whatever helps them focus on their wellbeing. 

Our people are stepping away from their screens today to focus on themselves, so that they can continue innovating again tomorrow.