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What We Do

We are a team of experts, focused on delivering intelligent systems to the Defence and Transport industries. Join Us

Applying our vast knowledge and experience to deliver advanced, intelligent systems for the Defence and Transport industries.

In Defence, we provide state-of-the-art applications for naval ship and fleet protection, and undersea surveillance systems. In-service across the globe, our systems deliver rapid response to threat and system effectiveness and interoperation. Our systems support an ever-growing number of navies across the world, and we continue to bolster our already specialist, on-the-ground knowledge of key overseas markets. 

Our defence business is underpinned by our leading role in cutting-edge defence research under DASA, Dstl and other leading innovation programs, in addition to our own significant private-venture research and development investments. 

Within Intelligent Transport Systems, we supply high-integrity transport management software and systems, specifically developed for complex road and rail environments. Our multi-platform solutions enable and promote healthier, smarter cities while enhancing road and rail safety for all.


Our Expertise