Run2Paris: Meet Catherine Brogan

Catherine Run 2 Paris Charity Event

Three brave SEA people are taking part in the Run2Paris from 25 to 28 May. Ben Smith (Team Captain), Catherine Brogan and Richard Deighton will be running together all the way to Paris from London on behalf of SEA and Cohort plc. They’ll be running half a marathon each day for four days and will also be joined by Ash Perolls and Marc Scammell from MASS. You can show some support by going to their page and donating! 

Catherine’s running journey  

Catherine Brogan (Principal Commercial Officer) started running in 2010. After having her second child, she wanted exercise that was flexible and could work around her busy schedule. Over the years, Catherine has run several half marathons and last October, a childhood dream came true. After 15 ballot attempts, she finally got a ballot place to run the London Marathon 2022. Catherine loved the experience and looks back on the journey with fond memories, even though at 22 miles she shouted at her family “never again!”. 

But then, Ben Smith (Team Captain) asked her the following in February: “As you’re an ‘occasional’ runner would you like to take part in Run2Paris?” She didn’t have any idea what this event was, but after some research and encouraging words from her friends, she decided to join. Although some of them did question her sanity, most of them agreed she would regret it more if she didn’t do it. 

Why the Run2Paris?

Being part of the Run2Paris challenge will be a brand-new experience for Catherine, with each leg of the relay being a half marathon. This means she and her teammates will run a half marathon four days in a row. “Who normally even runs two days on the trot?” She exclaimed when she saw the schedule. Catherine knows this won’t be easy, but supporting two incredible charities will undoubtedly keep her motivated. 

Here’s what Catherine said about the run: “Being asked to be part of the Cohort Run2Paris team is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will take my running achievement to a whole new level. Having worked my whole career within the Defence Sector, raising money for two incredible charities will push me toward the finishing line of the Eiffel tower. I can`t wait to enjoy a glass of bubbles or two at the after party!”  

How can you help? 

As Catherine mentioned, it’s for a good cause! We’re fundraising for our corporate charity SSAFA and Parkinson's UK. The Cohort Plc runners have set a fundraising target of £10,000, please show our runners some support by going to their page and donating.