Moving Traffic Contraventions
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Moving Traffic Contraventions

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Our enforcement systems provide a flexible, redeployable VCA-approved solution for Moving Traffic Contraventions - including banned manoeuvres, waiting in a yellow-box junction, and driving in a mandatory cycle lane.

With modular, multi-function capability, our systems can be configured to cover existing parking and bus lane contraventions, Low Emission Zones, and Clean Air Zones. 

With simple web-based review software, our systems allow evidence to be rapidly reviewed and rapidly processed by all major notice processors. To avoid further investment in on-site hardware, we also supply a VCA-approved hosted solution, where the software gathering data from the camera outstations runs in a secure UK-based data centre.

All of our systems are underpinned by our comprehensive service delivery and support team, including a dedicated helpdesk facility and remote monitoring of systems to ensure maximum availability.

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