Communications Systems

We provide industry-leading communications systems for naval platforms, connecting critical national defence capability together while meeting the highest levels of availability, reliability, and maintainability.

Our Communications Architecture breaks the traditional stovepipe between antennas and radio equipment by implementing a software configurable RF distribution (RFD) solution, implemented from a single seat, allowing near-instantaneous reconfiguration of a platform's communications to suit changing operational needs.

The SEA-External Communications System (ECS)/Integrated Communications System (ICS) architecture provides flexibility and enhances technology reuse whilst at the same time, tackles the issues of traditional stovepipe communications systems design – ultimately saving the customer money.

Our Management and Control (M&C) software provides centralised management of all comms equipment from the Antenna through to the end user terminal via centralised and remote-control management of all equipment. Its open architecture allows it to be extended as new equipment is added with minimal additional configuration.

Based on our deep technical and practical experience of installation, these solutions are designed to minimise risk at each stage. This is achieved by testing and proving all equipment, functions and operations before installation commences. All installations are devised to minimise disruption to the platform and installation planning builds in flexibility to accommodate changes to ships availability quickly and simply.

Communications Systems Installed On Type 23

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